Brand Kitchen has been awarded the Felix Lingonberries Jam marketing and public relations business. Sweet.

Things are heating up in Morristown as Brand Kitchen sweetens their account roster with the Felix Lingonberries Jam account. Brand Kitchen will be handling marketing and public relations for the Felix brand, raising awareness and driving sales in the Untied States. Among several marketing tactics, Brand Kitchen has launched an awareness campaign to the trade audience – editors, writers and producers – to create brand buzz about the super fruit jam from Sweden. The marketing and public relations campaign is designed to strengthen the umbrella brand for Felix and introduce two new flavors. 

In case you didn’t know, Felix, as familiar in Sweden as Volvo, Ikea and Swedish meatballs, is the most popular Lingonberry jam in that country, as well as in the U.S.A., where it is carried in supermarkets and gourmet specialty stores. 

With a strategic marketing focus on the untapped potential of the incredibly versatile Lingonberry, Brand Kitchen plans to apply its full-service marketing capabilities to elevate the Felix brand to an everyday addition to meals, snacks and holiday traditions. 

At Brand Kitchen, it’s all about adding the right flavors to the marketing initiative so that more and more Americans discover the great taste and health benefits of Felix Lingonberries Jam.  See for yourself. Go to for recipes – and share with your friends!