Mark Fraser  Partner/Strategy & Client Services

Mark has led Fortune 500 brands to record-breaking results for over 20 years. He brings his connoisseurship of fine dining to every project, adding subtleties and flavor to innovative marketing strategies that have consistently produced success for clients. In addition to driving up brand market share, Mark is adept at building client relationships and nurturing multidisciplinary teams so that they are always ready to exceed client expectations. His ever-inquisitive nature drives him to find new and unexpected ways to connect consumers to brands. He can also find the best Thai food in New Jersey.

Ken Musto    Partner/Creative Director

Ken has been an award-winning creative leader in marketing communications for over 20 years. He believes that a conversation in the kitchen can lead to an innovative idea that can grow a brand, color our culture, or maybe even change the world. Case in point: Ken created the Stronger Than The Storm campaign that gave NJ the power to overcome Hurricane Sandy. “Stronger Than The Storm”, as a phrase, has now become a part of our cultural lexicon.
A hopeless foodie, Ken currently spends a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with culinary delights and talking with friends, family and co-workers about everything from his relationship with Kale to interesting ways to connect consumers with brands. Ken loves social media and all things digital. However, he still firmly believes in the toaster oven.