Nothing Speaks To a Millennial Like A Great Video.

Take a look around you. Everywhere you turn you’ll see millennials staring at their mobile devices in awe; and sometimes while walking. Not too cool. But it’s also not too cool if you’re not creating videos as a part of your content marketing strategy. That’s because millennials are the ones watching branded videos more than anyone else. And they are not just watching, they are responding.

Let’s take YouTube for example.  Millennials consume videos on YouTube in record numbers these days.  According to Wired, You Tube reaches more millennials than any cable TV network.  In the average mobile 40-minute YouTube session, millennials watch music videos, cat videos, movie trailers, demo videos and more. 76% of millennials follow brands on YouTube, and even more on Facebook: 84%.

Now if you’re thinking that millennials watch videos along with rest of the world, you’re right. But the difference is that millennials truly engage; video is their language. That’s why speaking the “branded video content” language just may be an advertiser’s dream. 

Keep this in mind as you read on: Beginning in 2017, Generation Y will spend over $200 billion annually.

Here are the facts about millennials and their attraction to videos:

•Millennials will read an email if it contains a video.

•Millennials prefer to watch a company video rather than read an email.

•48% of millennials only watch videos on mobile devices.

•4 in 5 millennials watch videos to help make a purchasing decision.

•74% of millennials use video to comparison shop. 

•Millennials spend 48% more time watching online videos than the average Internet user.

Whether it’s a demo, a testimonial, or an entertaining promotion, videos are a critical medium when targeting millennials. Next time you’re out and about, just take a look around you. You’re sure to see many millennials watching away. And the brands behind those videos are creating the many relationships they need to succeed. So here’s some Food For Thought from Brand Kitchen: Think about putting video in your marketing plans to reach your millennial target more effectively. 

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